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Forklift truck in aisle between storage


We provide full maintenance service on all equipment. From day one or after your maintenance service agreement expires, we can take over and start you on your way to saving. Our service methods and resources bring sustainability to tired equipment. In most cases we do this without increasing your current equipment maintenance expenses. How?


*Comprehensive Maintenance Procedures

*Equipment Sustainability through advanced     lubricants

*Battery monitoring



Our battery monitoring system allows us to see critical long term battery data. We can see this data live or see history for up to 10,000 events. Events such as each time a battery is charged or discharged, water levels, batter temperatures, amps used each cycle and amp hours of each charge. 

Our lubricants decrease the energy it takes to operate your equipment by reducing friction in pumps, differentials and gearboxes. 


Engine performance is increased and engine wear is significantly reduced.


All mast friction points including mast chains are lubricated to prevent friction at every point. 


Our greases are superior to any grease on the market making all grease point applications sustain their current condition. 

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changing engine oil for a car, a man in


By using the most advanced methods for performing routine services, normal and recommended preventive maintenance intervals are extended without equipment downtime and component failures.


Our lubricant treatment technology increases the life of components, bearings, pumps, gears, as well as the engine and transmission. The longevity of mast component such as channels, rollers and side shifts or other attachments are also greatly increased. 

We are the first to offer these savings to our customers. Saving our customers money and downtime.

                    "No one has our touch"

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